The SysAdm™ project provides a new way to manage your Server, Desktop or Cloud-based system. By exposing an API via encrypted REST or WebSockets, it is now possible to remotely control all aspects of your machine, including the following:

More Information on SysAdm™

(Coming soon)

  • Disk Management
  • ZFS
  •  Jails (using iocage)
  • VMs (using bhyve)
  • File Sharing  
  • Packages
  • And much more!

In addition to the server daemon, a multi-platform Qt-based GUI client is also under development, which makes point-n-click management of your system a reality.

The SysAdm™ project is sponsored by iXsystems® and the TrueOS® project. It is under (heavy) development at the moment and is intended to become the default management system for TrueOS systems.  Please be aware this software is in early alpha state, and much of the code is still being written.  There will still be a significant amount of change happening over the course of the next few months.  To follow the progress on sysadm follow us at the official SysAdm™ github .