SysAdm™ documentation is split into three books: API Reference Guide, Client Handbook, and Server Handbook.


API Reference Guide


The Application Programming Interface (API) Reference Guide is a comprehensive library of all API calls and WebSocket requests for SysAdm. In addition to documenting all SysAdm subsystems and classes, the Guide provides detailed examples of requests and responses, authentication, and SSL certificate management. This guide is constantly updated, ensuring it provides accurate information at all times.


Client Handbook


The SysAdm Client Handbook documents all aspects of the SysAdm client, as well as a description of the PC-BSD system utilities is replaces. Detailed descriptions of utilities such as Appcafe, Life Preserver, and the Boot Environment Manager are contained here, as well as a general guide to using these utilities.


Server Handbook


The Server Handbook is a basic installation guide, walking new users through the process of initializing SysAdm with a bridge and server connection.